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Imagine being able to increase your influence, confidence and even your earning power by improving how you communicate.

Most likely you are successful at what you do, and already do a good job of communicating and presenting.

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Maybe you have…

  • been overlooked for a promotion or job opportunity for someone who was better at speaking about themselves
  • experienced nerves that have stopped your from presenting as well as you could for a job interview, client pitch or presentation
  • have something coming up where you will need to present in front of a large group
  • missed opportunities to connect with people at networking events
  • been unsure if you are being perceived as a leader, even though you are in a leadership position

If you want to:

  • Discover your ‘star performer’ confidence
  • Find your voice

  • Make an impact

  • Get noticed

  • Land the opportunities you’ve been working so hard for

Here’s your chance to make a difference to your future.

Zerafina’s teaching was key in developing confidence when meeting prospective clients, working collaboratively with existing ones and promoting my business / changing my career path.

I felt immediately comfortable being coached by Zerafina because she targeted my requirements precisely and it is obvious from the outset that she draws on a great deal of experience and expertise in sales, education and performance. It could have been overwhelming but, as she advised me to do, she sifted out what was important and focussed on making it stick.

Clare MacDonald, Business Owner, My Myotherapist

Your investment:

AU$397 (+GST )

What you’ll get:

  • A focused questionnaire so you can tell me your most important communication needs
  •  1 x 60 minute coaching Skype session with feedback on exactly what you need to help you be more confident and effective
  • An action plan and any relevant worksheets and exclusive videos
  • 1 x 30 minute Skype follow up (2 weeks later) to check-in and keep you growing

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