Public Speaking For Leaders

Public Speaking for Leaders:

Voice and non-verbal communication coaching for individuals and groups.

Most of the people we work with are presenting or leading already. We work together to make good presenters even better. One client described the work as being similar to a sports psychologist; Many people play sports, but it is when we get to the higher levels of competition that we look for that 2-5% competitive edge that can make all the difference.

The ethos of the approach is to educate with practical, take-away tools that can be used repeatedly. The aim is to create communication that is fresh with an awareness of both content and delivery.

Group coaching and workshops

  • Use your strengths to shape your communication
  • Create more engaging presentations to new and existing clients and staff
  • Learn communication tools so that your choices reflect your authentic voice
  • Gain an understanding of how your voice works
  • Learn and practice exercises for more control of your voice
  • Share insights with each other, and have peers who can remind you of the tools you have all learned

Individual Coaching 

Exclusive, individualised assessment helps take your communication and presence from good to exceptional.

  • Learn what people ‘read’ about your vocal and physical presentation
  • Discover the subtext of what you communicate with your voice (paralinguistics) and non-verbal communication
  • Learn the elements that support your communication
  • Learn the secrets of charisma that rock-stars and super-star performers use
  • Take away a tailored plan,  specific to your needs

The Results

Winning job interviews, clients, pitches, better connection in communication and confidence.

The best result is presenting and communicating with authenticity, freshness and spontaneity, and enjoying the process.

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