Video Confident: Script and Deliver Worskshop

Video Confidence: Script and Deliver

This was our last workshop in June, below. We will be running another workshop over 2 days in August. So you don’t miss out, you can register your earlybird interest below.

Video coaching workshop Melbourne

This was our video coaching workshop in South Melbourne; Video Confident, Script and Deliver

Join us for an exclusive three hour training workshop in South Melbourne.

Aim: To understand and practise tools around scripting and speaking to camera

Tools to script your videos
Practise using those tools and getting feedback
Tools for understanding what you communicate with how you come across on video (nonverbal communication)

You will walk away with:
3-5 scripts that you have practised and got some feedback on
greater confidence that you are coming across as your best, authentic self.
A bunch of actionable tips about how to improve what you’re already doing

The greatest part is that you will have a group of people who can give you feedback about your future scripts too.

Who is this for?

Anyone who is thinking about making video for their business, or who has started making video and wants to learn how to make them even better. Absolute beginners are warmly welcomed, as are seasoned video posters!

The important thing is to start from where you are.

If you are looking at making videos with your phone or camera, we will have tips for you as well as people wanting to work with professional videographers.

Why work with me?

A couple of weeks ago I worked with a company pitching for the chance at $20k in funding. The pitch needed to be a maximum of 3 minutes long, and sent in via video.

We worked on their message, their script and delivery. We got the greatest sense of connection and teased out how to make their company’s story compelling. I filmed it for them, and they got the chance to go to the next round of in-person pitching.

Besides, I promise we will have lots of learning, doing, and we’ll have some fun along the way.

Date: Saturday 4th June

Time: 10am- 1.15pm

Venue: 440 Clarendon St, South Melbourne

Cost: $299 + GST ($328.90)

NEWSFLASH! It looks like we may have Trent Butler ACS join us from 2-3.30 – keep your dance-card free!

Trent is a multi-award winning Director of Photography.

He is known for bringing an innovative aesthetic to the art of contemporary cinematography and has a passion for the use of available and practical light sources, to focus on and enhance a script and performance.

He has been kind enough to help us figure out ways to get a better shot with the equipment we are already using- even if that’s a phone, or a point-and-shoot camera.

Zerafina Zara, Trent Butler ACS and Rick Plumridge coaching video confidence

Zerafina Zara, Trent Butler ACS, Rick Plumridge presenting to get you more confident with video

Register your interest here:

Please note, the workshop is limited to 12 participants, and there are currently only a few places left. If you miss out you will be notified, and be at the top of the waiting list.

Here is some information about how video is growing in influence.

How video is growing in influence infographic. Original source

How video is growing in influence infographic. Original source