Video Coaching

How can we help you with your video presentations?

  • Script and deliver: we can help you hone your script, and practise your delivery in person or via Skype. This helps you get the best out of your time in front of the camera, and gives you a result you can be more comfortable looking at!
  • We can find ways you to work optimally with your existing equipment or our in-house videographer, Mick Russell.
  • We can bring our team, consisting of video performance coach, Zerafina Zara, and one of our videographers
Video workshop scripting and performing to video

The group working on their scripts and testing out their video script delivery

How do you want to come across on video?

  • Video is one of the most powerful tools we have to communicate with the online world, takes up over 60% of web traffic & is set to grow to 80% by 2019
  • The Celebrity Effect. When we see people’s faces up close, we have a sense of trust and familiarity because that close up view is usually reserved for friends and family. Ever seen a celebrity in public and had a moment you thought you already knew them? That’s the Celebrity Effect.

  • Most people don’t know the key differences to communicating via video vs communicating in person, or how video differs from TV

Social media has changed, and the expectations of how we communicate on video are not the same as interacting with traditional media. Making a connection is different than traditional media training, and we can show you how to connect with your audience with your best, most authentic self.

“Videos should be a key component of any marketing program. I’ve known this for a long time but still I delayed getting corporate videos made because I wasn’t confident about what I would say in the video, how I would say it and how to come across naturally while not boring my viewers! Through Zerafina’s skills in video production and performance, she quickly identified the areas I need to concentrate on, and gave me clear, practical advice about improving my video performance skills. Straight away I felt more confident, and it was fun learning! Before you spend money getting a video made, work with Zerafina so that you’ll be happy with the end result.” – Melinda Samson, Google Partner, Google Adwords & Analytics Consultant, Speaker

Transforming average video into exceptional video through coaching

What we say: Our starting point for video is our script, our content. We can help you find your best script for your business, and communicate in a way that is unique and authentic.

How we say it: When we communicate via video, our nonverbal communication speaks ‘louder than words.’

Our nonverbals consist of everything from the quality of the lighting, what we are wearing and how we are groomed, what is in the background, and our tone of voice.

All of these things are elements that create a picture of who we are- but we may be communicating things we don’t mean to.

For example, when we get nervous, our blink rate increases. Unfortunately, this is also how we behave when we are lying or concealing information.

This means that an honest response to the nerves of being in front of a camera can make us look dishonest!

Video coaching workshop Melbourne

This was our video coaching workshop in South Melbourne; Video Confident, Script and Deliver

Some examples of improving communication through video

  • Choice of language: In-house security company video, where one participant talked about moving ‘aggressively’ into markets. Language was replaced with more evocative language around collaboration to create the right tone.
  • Clients reading from a script were freed up to communicate more naturally with the camera, which communicated greater authority and leadership.
  • A psychologist who became serious when discussing his work lost his naturally warm and friendly demeanour. We found ways to lighten up the atmosphere and make the language more conversational.

Video coaching Melbourne

Coaching for presenting on video info: