How to Mingle at Parties workshop

A fun workshop with tips on how to get through the office party.  How to connect, and how to not get stuck at the food table. Get in touch below.

Video Coaching

Offered as group coaching, or individual coaching. See the video coaching tab, or fill out the form below.

Individual voice, presentation skills and presence coaching.

These are available to individuals, or as part of a package with workshops.


Workshop topics are tailored to individual groups.
Past workshop topics have included:

Leadership; Walking the Walk and Talking the Talk, or, what your nonverbals communicate.

Women in Leadership; Creating and Communicating Key Messages, Being Seen.


Keynotes are tailored specifically for your event. Please fill out the form below to see what would work best for you.

Past Topics include:

The Secrets of Rockstar Confident Presenting

The Charisma Myth; Are Stars Born or Made?

Women and Influence

Music tuition for your event

Singing and ukele sessions are available to create a sense of fun and cohesion at your next event.

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