Scripting for Video, Performing for Video: Individual Coaching

Scripting for video coaching

  • Learn tools to make your scripts better
  • Hone your pitch
  • Sound natural to you (not someone else)
Video workshop in Melbourne. Coaching performance to video, and scripting for video

Video workshop for scripting and delivering video content in Melbourne

Performing to video, Melbourne and via Skype

We have the script, and now, how do we come across on camera.

In-person: I can film and give feedback on how you can improve how you come across on camera.

Video Coaching Via Skype:

Half hour $47 (+GST)

45 min  $67 (+GST)

1 hour $87 (+GST)

Why would we get coaching for presenting to video?

Because we’ve all seen that video.

  • The one with the person in finance who looks worried the whole time they tell you they ‘hope’ they will do a good job of looking after your money.
  • The video of the stylist with blue sunlight that gives them black circles under their eyes, and the unsmiling delivery that makes them look intimidating to work with.
  • The video with the person reading rigidly off the autocue, communicating in a wooden, robotic tone.

The boss, or your social media manager has said ‘We need video for the website, everyone is doing it, our competitor has video, we can’t get left behind.’

So you put your hand up, (or are selected) to be filmed. And what you see back on the video is not how you want to be seen.

We can make you look so much better on video

Much more like yourself, like the person your friends and clients would recognise.

But the trick is, that the advice to just ‘be yourself’ is not always the best advice for video. We can be ourselves, and not notice that we’re talking about being excited, but haven’t ‘told’ our face. And video takes a bit of your natural energy and sucks it out….

What looked natural in front of a mirror, looks grumpy in front of a camera.

It doesn’t have to be like that, and you can learn tools that you can apply to the video you plan to make, and any videos after that.


Scripting for video interview after working with a client on telling a story, and evoking the senses in the script. The client’s script was about ice-cream, but before working with Zerafina, there was not a single flavour! No zesty lemon paired with a prosecco… no blood orange sorbet….and no emotional story. This is video Guru, Mick Russell interviewing.

Knowing how to improve your video is key

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