Group Workshops

Learn the secrets of presenting and communicating that have already been shared with politicians, people in the financial sector, PR professionals, Nike, the Victorian College of Organisational Psychologists and professional speakers.web Zerafina speaking at Deakin Edge 2015

Half day and full day training in:

Public Speaking skills with Compelling Content

Unless you’re Morgan Freeman, and the sound of your voice, and the force of your presence is so mesmerising that we wouldn’t notice if you were reciting the phone book, you need to craft your content.

  • Learn strategies to use every time you need to communicate a presentation
  • Learn storytelling tools to engage your audience
  • Practise coming up with ways to draft compelling content

Special package with video of presentations at the beginning and end of the process so you can see how you have improved.

Group working on scripts for video

Video Confident Day, working on writing script for video, and practising delivering to video

The Voice & Body Language of Leadership

  • How does your voice impact on your leadership?
  • What does your body language and your nonverbals communicate about you that your words don’t?
  • Is the content of your communication engaging and persuading your audience?

Women in Leadership; Giving Voice to Leadership

  • What kinds of things do women need to do differently to men to be heard?
  • Learn tools for ‘instant-confidence’ you can practise before important meetings and presentations
  • Practise presenting in front of others

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