Zerafina giving a keynote at Deakin Edge, Melbourne

Zerafina giving a keynote at Deakin Edge, Melbourne

Learn how to be a confident public speaker

Zerafina Zara helps people achieve connected and confident communication through:

  • Compelling content
  • Getting over ‘stage-fright’
  • Communicating without being wooden, stiff or boring

Zerafina helps you feel comfortable in learning how to bring your best self to your public speaking.

She helps you find your public speaking confidence from:

  • a sense of fun and playfulness from her background in the performing arts
  • research in the latest neuroscience in communication, movement and education
  • twenty years experience in coaching voice and movement at Universities (nationally and internationally) , with leaders and professional performers in the music and public speaking industries

Learn the secrets of star performers

Bring your best, most authentic self to your communication, and learn the secrets of confident, engaging performers. Get insider tips from the world of music performance and stagecraft from a coach who works with actual rockstars (Mushroom Music, ARIA and Grammy winners) to rockstars of the corporate world (Nike, Envato, politicians, entrepreneurs).

Voice and non-verbal communication coaching exclusively tailored for people who present professionally achieves the following outcomes:

  • Create charisma and communicate with impact
  • Engage an audience, client or constituent in a way that builds rapport
  • Understand how others are ‘reading’ us by our non-verbal communication

Clients who have benefited include professionals in the fields of: HR, Finance, Sport, Management, Health, Politics, Law, Design, Professional Public Speakers and Entertainment.

“Zerafina presented to a group of women interested in advancing to leadership positions. Her focus was on effective public speaking and presenting a winning image. The feedback has been excellent with several of the women saying Zerafina’s presentation was the highlight of the training day”

Leonie Morgan; Facilitator, Mentor, Trainer, Evaluator, Non Executive Director

“Zerafina has a unique mix of knowledge from her extensive background. She has an almost uncanny ability to observe both verbal and non-verbal behaviors and provide practical techniques in a one-to-one training environment. I highly recommend her.”

– Sheena Sudra: Marketing Strategy | Leadership | Integrated Communications | NAB

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